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​To provide policies and guidelines for the stimulation development of the country's economic growth

​To ensure the country's food security; and social security through Skim Persaraan Kebangsaan (SPK) under TAP

​To allocate annual expenditure for the implementation of government's infrastructure projects

​To ensure the government and country's financial stability


Majlis Sambutan Isra' Mi'raj Bagi Kementerian Kewangan dan Ekonomi serta Jabatan-Jabatan di Dalamnya bagi Tahun 1445H/2024M

​17 Februari 2024 

Kementerian Kewangan dan Ekonomi telah mengadakan Majlis Sambutan Isra’ Mi’raj bagi tahun 1445H/2024M pada hari Sabtu, 07 Syaaban 1445H bersamaan 17 Februari 2024M bertempat di Dewan Teater, Bangunan Kementerian Kewangan dan Ekonomi, Commonwealth Drive, Jalan Kebangsaan, Negara Brunei Darussalam.

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Local Companies Fined For Failure to Submit Income Tax Returns

13 February 2024

In the months of October 2023 until December 2023, ten (10) local companies were ordered to settle fines at the Magistrate’s Court for failing to comply with Section 52(1) of Income Tax Act (Chapter 35), which is failing to submit Income Tax Returns for the relevant Financial Years.

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Unlicensed Moneylenders Through Social Media Applications

09 February 2024

The Ministry of Finance and Economy has received complaints from the public regarding money lending services which have been widely advertised through social media applications such as Facebook and Telegram, that are using the logo of the Ministry of Finance and Economy. 

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